"Face the facts, our QB’s Better!”

Lyric snippet from the Eddy J Lemberger hit song

“Aaron Rodgers Rock And Roll!”


Aaron Rodgers Rock And Roll

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©2010, Words & Music by:

Edward J. Lemberger

Esayian Publishing (BMI).

All Rights Reserved.



Aaron Rodgers rock and roll

Rock on through that Super Bowl

Ramble, scramble, toss them T’s

Drive their defense to it’s knees

My Green Bay Pack’s heart and soul

Aaron Rodgers rock and roll!

Verse 1:

Who’s that QB with that 1,2 punch

Eats DB’s with cheese for lunch

Red zone time, them guys be flyin’

Big butt men be doin’ some cryin’

TD for my GB’s QB! Let’s go

Aaron Rodgers rock and roll!

Break: (spoken)

Let’s rock… You got it baby…

What’s that? Do I love my Green Bay Packers?

Aw baby you know better than to ask that.

Don’t feel sad… I’m fond of you too honey!

Verse 2:

Who’s that QB with that Midas Touch

A-Rod here! Cool in the clutch!

Live this world of Green and Gold

All you football freak’s behold

Be a Pack fan or eat crow with cheddar

Face the facts our QB’s better!

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Eddy J has hit another home run (yet again) with this barn-burner of a track! From being covered on Jim Rome's nationally syndicated sports talk show, to live performances all over Cheesehead nation, EddyJ continues to keep his nose to the grindstone and coming out with tracks like this: Aaron Rodgers Rock and Roll. Our new star QB has a new star smash hit with this song. I hope Lambeau Field plays this track constantly during introductions of our beloved Mr. Rodgers. Please support your local artists and scoop this track up!! GO PACK GO!! SUPERBOWL XLV CHAMPS!!

-M. Jenson

The Story… Written by Eddy J Lemberger in September of 2010…

The year Aaron Rodgers was drafted by the Green Bay Packers my friend Gary and I took the trip from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Soldier Field in Chicago, Illinois to watch the NFL draft. They had a big NFL draft party there. It was kind of a cool day in April so I wore my Green Bay Packers jacket. Well, you can imagine how that went over in Soldier Field! At first it was a fun novelty idea and I got a lot of tepid smirks from all of the Chicago fans. Some of them were envious too ‘cause I got a lot of attention from many lady’s there that wouldn’t give most of them Bear guys a second look. Ha!

Well, by the time the Packers drafted, it was several hours into the show and most of the Bears fans had too much to drink. Gary and I walked up to where the radio stations were. A chorus of boos rang out from them Bears dudes. All of a sudden one of the Bears fans came rushing forward, pointing at me and shouting, “You’ve got to leave!” From out of nowhere 6 security guards surrounded us. The radio guy was speechless, afraid that a riot was going to break out. I said to Gary that we had better get out of there before things got hotter. Some drunk Bears guy followed us out and shouted at me for about 5 minutes about how the Packers suck. He wore himself out with his blowhard chanting and his friends dragged him away. Another victory for a Pack Fan! I still think back and chuckle at that situation, although I wouldn’t go to another all NFL fan event at Soldier Field in Chicago with a Green Bay Packers jacket on! Too dangerous. Ha!

In the mean time, the Packers drafted Rodgers. We didn’t know what to make of the pick at that time, but now, looking back, it turned out to be a stroke of genius. Rodgers is great. His smarts, poise, legs and arm will get the Pack another Super Bowl victory soon*. This tribute song to Rodgers came to me in August 2010. Let’s all party, dance and sing all the way to and through the Super Bowl!“Aaron Rodgers Rock And Roll!” Thanks for your service to our Packers Aaron!


*PS: And, of course, Aaron (along with the rest of our Mighty Pack) delivered us the Super Bowl Championship later that season!

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