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“It’s Your Mind…

Make Sure It’s You That’s Using It!”

-Ed Lemberger

“It’s Your Mind…

Make Sure It’s You That’s Using It!”

-Ed Lemberger

“It’s Your Mind… Make Sure It’s You That’s Using It!” -Ed Lemberger

My Journey Into New Thought Spirituality

Throughout most of the 1990′s I was being prodded in the direction of understanding Universal principles… Not by my own inclinations… I was being pushed by forces beyond my control. I had been writing songs for years – you know, mostly the typical love song stuff – when suddenly (it was 1991 or 1992) this song came through me called “Love Flow”. (You can preview it in the store below). The lyrics were very spiritual. It talked about centering in source and taking control of your own source power. I thought, “Where did that come from?!” It almost reminded me of religion or church or something. I had dismissed those concepts years earlier, but suddenly Source Power shows up in a song I had penned. Go figure. A short time later I wrote another spiritual, faith type song: “A Little Bit Of Love”. I had to chuckle at this one… Now I knew I was going crazy! (OK, crazier. Ha!).

Move forward to February of 1994. I remember it was right after the Super Bowl. I had just penned (in 1993) a song about our (in Wisconsin) beloved football team called, “I Love My Green Bay Packers!” and was lamenting the end of the football season ’cause now what was going to hold my attention ’till the next football season rolls around! You know, a typical “guy thing” dilemma, ha! So, a few days later, I was desperate enough to find something else to occupy my mind and was looking at the magazine rack at a grocery store, searching for the science magazine “Discover”, when another magazine caught my eye. It said in bold letters “Science of Mind”. It sort of “jumped out at me”. I thought it must be about psychology or something, and I like that, so I tossed it into my cart. When I got home and began paging through the magazine I thought, “Oh no, this is about religion”, and almost tossed it in the “round file” save for one thing… There was an article title that caught my eye… “Living Your Dream”… by some guy named Ernest Holmes. I read it and it spoke to me. This guy presented the topic in a “connect to source power and allow it to unfold through you” way. I liked it. It kind of reminded me of “Think And Grow Rich”, the Napoleon Hill classic I had read years earlier, but it seemed to deliver more substantive ideas on how to get the whole thing to work.

So… the next month I went back to the grocery store magazine rack to pick up the “Science of Mind” magazine. Viola! Another article by Ernest Holmes. This guy was something else. I thought, “he must be on staff or something and I’m glad he is ’cause his writing really speaks to me”. (Actually… What I know now is that Ernest Holmes (1887–1960) founded the philosophy of Science of Mind and they always include a writing of his in the magazine.)

Fast forward another month. I go to the grocery store to pick up the “Science of Mind” magazine and… no magazine. I asked the staff at the store about it and no one had ever heard of it. Then one lady said, “oh yeah, we just changed magazine distributors and the new guy left some titles here by mistake”. Ha! The beginning of a synchronicity series that’s still alive today! Well… I found a new place to buy the mag… and eventually just got a subscription. I found out there was a whole book called “Science of Mind” by Ernest Holmes and bought a copy through mail order. For the rest of the 1990′s decade I pored through that “Science of Mind” book and thought, “Why didn’t anyone tell me this stuff before. It would have saved me a lot of mental consternation!” Ha! And, of course, I read a lot of other authors during that time but kept defaulting on Ernest Holmes (and another guy not previously mentioned by me… Deepak Choprah). I came to learn that there was an “umbrella” Spiritual philosophy called “New Thought” that included many authors that shed light on different aspects of this philosophy.

Since that time I’ve taken classes, become a Reverend credentialed by the Emerson Theological Institute, studied many authors in the New Thought genre, presented workshops, written many empowerment songs, and am a speaker and singer making appearances at many New Thought churches and other venues.

And, oh yeah, the year before I started this journey I used a simple New Thought technique in my song “I Love My Green Bay Packers!” not knowing, at that time, that this type of thing is a part of the philosophy espoused there. Originally everybody used to say, “I love the Green Bay Packers”. I changed the little word “the” to “my” and it made all the difference in the world, “I Love MY Green Bay Packers”, embodying the concept of ownership, and, I believe, keeping the song a hit even today, all these years later. Could this have been a little “before you call I will have answered” moment directing me into the path of understanding New Thought Spirituality?! Probably! Ha!

The pages of this site/blog contain my perspective on this ever unfolding philosophy of mind, Spiritual understanding and principles of nature that we all live, move and have our being in.

Well… thanks for being here and it would be great to hear from you.

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“How are You spending your Spirit Currency?”


A reminder…

It’s Your Mind… Make Sure It’s You That’s Using It!

Welcome to !!! My name is Ed Lemberger and this website is an exploration into increasing personal and spiritual power, harmony, wellness and prosperity and love by using the fundamental gift that we all receive, all of the time, directly from Divine Source. What is this gift? Our conscious thinking mind of course!


spir·it –noun

1. the principle of conscious life; the vital principle in humans, animating the body or mediating between body and soul.


cur·ren·cy –noun

1. something that is used as a medium of exchange; money.

Keep these definitions in clear consciousness. They represent something very important that, once understood and applied, will help you increase your degree of livingness and strength. It is the intention of this website to help guide you along this path. Thanks and let’s get to it!


Singer/Songwriter, Reverend and Certified Hypnotherapist ED LEMBERGER (nickname Eddy J) has inspired and entertained audiences throughout the country with his original music and uplifting message for over 20 years.

His inspiring message of Universal Source Energy Alignment, Management and Empowerment has helped people reveal their own gifts, talents and treasures as they traverse Life's glorious pathways.

As a New Thought Spirituality musician, entertainer and speaker, he has presented his message from the mid-west to the east and west coasts and beyond.

And make way for fun too.  Under the stage name EDDY J he traveled the country performing his original Green Bay Packer fan songs for Packer Fan Tours (the official tour company of the Green Bay Packers).

ED has appeared and performed on numerous TV and radio shows across the country and has had his original songs performed on such TV shows as the NBC Today Show, CBS Conan O'Brien Show and ESPN TV & radio.

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