Lambeau Limbo!

©1998 Words & Music By: Edward J. Lemberger

Esayian Publishing (BMI) www.EdLemberger.com


Lambeau Limbo, Limbo Lambeau

Limbo Lambeau, Lambeau Limbo

Verse 1:

Got my Packer tickets and my Weber grill

My brat, my beverage and my beautiful girl (whistle!)

Going to dance and sing before the football show

Bring the tropical feeling to the NFL


Lambeau Limbo, Limbo Lambeau

A little game while we’re tailgating

Limbo Lambeau, Lambeau Limbo

Oh yes, I’m loyal to my Gold & GreenLambeau limbo lower now,

Lambeau limbo lower now

Verse 2:

In the stadium a-going to do the wave

Going to yell and holler at the calls they make (come on! No way!)

Going to see my face upon the jumbo screen (lookin’ good!)

Going to bask in the glory of a victory!

(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 3:

Going to celebrate a-with a rousing cheer

Leave the visitors a-crying in their beer (Oh, the pain!)

Going to raise a toast a-to my Lambeau team

And every Packer fan is held in high esteem!

Lambeau Limbo can be found on

The Eddy J Music CD:  Packer Party USA

Lambeau Limbo

“A little game while we’re tailgating”

A friend of mine from Green Bay – Mer Meyer – took the photos that grace the video. The old giving way to the new. Progress!? Lambeau Field under construction – circa 2002. Mer was escorted by none other than (at that time) the “Big Boss Man” himself – Bob Harlan. What a kick. Score 3 for the team.

The Story…

This song, “Lambeau Limbo!”, was inspired by an event that took place in Clearwater Beach, Florida, when I was there with Packer Fan Tours in 1997. We were staying at the Adams Mark Hotel right on the beach. They have a patio and beach bar area there. Some Packer Fans were conducting a limbo contest and the idea Lambeau Limbo popped into my brain. The words form a sort of a rhyming alliteration. They fit together swimmingly. I thought it would be a fun idea to transfer this tropical feel idea to Lambeau Field 10 below zero, and the song “Lambeau Limbo!” was born.

Bask in the flow of the fun and the sun of the tropical tease as you float with the breeze in the freeze of the frozen tundra known as Green Bay in December & January. Feel the warmth of a Packer victory insinuate into your innards as your mentality meanders musically to the melody. Just don’t try to do the Limbo at Lambeau when it’s 10 below without paying heed to potential consequences!

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Copyright © Edward Lemberger.​


"Lambeau Limbo" is an original Green Bay Packer fan song written, produced and performed by Eddy J Lemberger.

​You can find the recording on the Eddy J CD "Packer Party USA!"