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Eddy J Lemberger

Original Songs

Empowerment - New Thought - Spiritual - Sports

Novelty - Kids - Covers

Aaron Rodgers Rock And Roll - Sports / Packers

Another Dream Come True - Inspirational

As I Traverse Life's Mystery - Empowerment

Dang I Feel Good - Empowerment / Spiritual

Don't Take It Personally - Empowerment

Everything I Own - Cover

I Love My Green Bay Packers - Sports / Packers

Lady's Lost The Blues - Empowerment

Lambeau Limbo - Sports / Packers

Love Flow - Empowerment / Spiritual

River Of Love - Spiritual

Super Strength Emotion - Empowerment

We Are Packer Fans - Sports / Packers

What Am I Doin' Bein' Crazy - Empowerment