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Our Pack

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Packer Fan Loves

​Words and music by Edward J. Lemberger. Stage name: Eddy J
©1997 Esayian Publishing (BMI)

We're Packer fan loves
Feelin' wonderful
Lovin' Green and Gold
And each other

Packer fan loves
We back our Pack and then
We fall in love again

Through thick and thin
We're champions
Just like our Green Bay team
Hand in hand
In our game plan
We share the same life's dream

We're Packer fan loves

Every day we win

It's always first and ten

Here together

Packer fan loves
We back our Pack and then
We fall in love again

We live a dream

We love our team

We're Packer Fan Loves!!

The Story...

Packer Fan Loves is a tune I wrote in 1996 when I was an entertainer for Packer Fan Tours - the official tour company of the Green Bay Packers.  It turned out to be a favorite song among many Packer fan couples.  I even sang it live a few times at actual weddings right before Packer games outside of Lambeau Field.  It was the wedding song for the bridal dance.  Several years later the song was included in the Packer fan movie "Our Pack".  The video above is from the movie.

More about the movie:

In 1999 I met Brad Metzger & Miguel de la Lama, movie producers from LA, CA. (Brad Metzger is a former Wisconsin guy). They were in Wisconsin shooting footage for an upcoming documentary movie they were producing called “Our Pack”. The movie is about Packer fans and the Packer fan experience. They found out that I wrote “I Love My Green Bay Packers!” and asked if I’d write a Packer fan ballad for their movie. I was honored to do so and came up with the song “We Are Packer Fans”. It turned out to be the theme song for the movie. We even shot a music video that appears at the end of the movie. We shot footage all around Lambeau Field, the Packer Hall of Fame, and even a cow pasture or two (complete with real live cows)!

Brad and Miguel did a terrific job producing “Our Pack”. It’s a terrific nostalgia piece now. There was some unfortunate timing for the movie release as it came out a week after September 11th, 2001 and got lost in the shuffle of the news events of that time. The movie premier was great though. All of the characters on the movie poster cover were there. These folks are famous Packer fans including Packalope and St. Vince, among others. If you can find a copy of the movie it’s well worth your while to see it. It's been broadcast on RLTV cable network in the past and I hope it shows up again on a network sometime soon. So… enjoy the song… and be proud to be a part of a unique slice of Americana… Be a fan of our great Green Bay Packers!

"Packer Fan Loves" (from the Eddy J CD

"Packer Party USA!")

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